You can make a difference to girls’ lives by supporting the World Thinking Day Fund.

The money you donate or raise will help girls to learn new skills, to speak out and take action on issues that matter to them, and to develop themselves as global citizens. Find out more.

Frequently asked questions

What is the World Thinking Day Fund?

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How can I fundraise?

What is World Thinking Day?

Fundraising tips from the WTD pack:

We suggest that as a group you ask everyone involved to donate 1 pound, dollar or unit of your national currency to The World Association by telling them a story about how the international Movement changes the lives of girls and young women around the world. Perhaps you could tell them a story related to how Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting has changed lives in your community.

You can distribute copies of the story with a donation request after your meeting. Or perhaps you’d like to organise a tea party where girls tell the stories and ask for the donation; you may email all people involved with your group and ask them to donate directly to The World Association.

Spare change for girls’ education!

Create a giving tin with a recycled and washed can or create one from cardboard together with your Girl Guide group. Then ask parents, grandparents and other adults interested in girls’ education to use the tin to collect spare change from 22 February (World Thinking Day) to 22 April. Leaders can then collect the funds as a group activity and donate them to the WTD Fund. If every group member gets at least one giving tin, your group can really make a difference to girls’ education.

Involve people in your activities

Throughout the World Thinking Day pack you will find lots of activities in which you can involve other people and fundraise at the same time. Ask people who attend to make a small donation or to sponsor you.

For example, why not invite people to attend a discussion about education? You can also put on an exhibition of any artwork you produce or perform for an audience . Friends and family can even join in with tagame or activity itself.