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Country: Philippines
Organisation: Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP)
Section: Senior Girl Scouts (12-16)
Description: Official Uniform 1. Dress uniform 2. Cap 3. Tangerine scarf 4. Black belt 5. GSP and council strips - placed one inch from the right and left shoulder seams respectively 6. Pin holder - fastened to the seam of the left yoke. Its contains the following pins in this order: 1) World pin 2) Asia Pacific pin 3) Senior pin 4) Investiture pin 5) Other pins 7. White socks 8. Black shoes 9. Badge sash Worn: in all patrol/troop/district or any Girl Scouting activities and events; at church services; during parades, ceremonies and events open to the public; during Girl Scout Week; when representing GSP in Girl Scouting /non-Girl Scouting events (seminars, sessions, trainings, conferences, campings) in the Philippines and abroad; during Girl Scout Week Badge sash is worn as much as possible.