National Union of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Of Armenia (ASTGHIK)

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting introduced: 1996
Number of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts: 1514 (01/01/2006)
Status: Associate Member
Admits boys: No

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International Commissioner WAGGGS
Vratsakan Str
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Telephone: 00 374 1323183
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I swear on my honour to be faithful to God and to serve my nation, my motherland, always help others and act as a responsible, courageous and generous person, to keep the law of the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.


(English translation)

1. The word of a Guide can be valued (trusted)

2. A Guide is humble.

3. A Guide is faithful and honest.

4. A Guide always helps others.

5. A Guide is a sister to all other Scouts.

6. A Guide is polite.

7. A Guide loves and defends the environment.

8. A Guide is joyful and enthusiastic.

9. A Guide is hard-working.

10. A Guide is thrifty.

11. A Guide is pure in her words, thoughts and actions.



Misht patrast: Be Prepared

Bardzatsir bartsatsr : Rise up(yourself) and raise(others)

Age groups:


Arenushner/Guide: 11-15


Development of the movement:

Scouting in Armenia has an old history.  The first Armenian Scouting groups were organized in 1910 in Van Orphan's houses and continued until 1922 when Scouting was officially banned and the ‘Young Pioneers’ became the official state youth organization. Scouting was reintroduced in 1988. There soon appeared a need for creating a separate movement for girls and NAGGGS "Astgik" was established in 1996.

There are regular meetings of the National Board and the National Conference is held annually. 

During 1998-2001 many activities were held, some of which corresponded to ancient national traditions.The first National Jamboree took place at the “Nor Berd” center in 1998. Armenia was made an Associate Member of WAGGGS at the 31st World Conference in Manila 2002.


The Programme Committee is responsible for the implementation of all Association programmes.  There are nine points to the programme: Guides Family; The society in which I live; Learn yourself; Healthy way of life; World of art; World around us; Enlarge your world outlook; Homemaker; Look at nature. The programmes help to develop the girls and meet their needs in all areas.Scope is given for flexibility and individuality.

Relationship to society:

Service and community development play an important role in the life of the Association.  Members determine areas of need within their own communities and carry out community development projects, sometimes in co-operation with other organizations.

 NAGGGS “Astgik” carried out a long-term project entitled “Healthy Spirit in Healthy Body”.

In some regions the branches of the Association have projects supporting disabled children. There have also been special projects concerned with the environment: one example ‘We and Nature’ was concerned with the relationship between humans and the earth. 

Outdoor and Environmental Activities

Camping is a very popular activity among Armenian Guides. Over the year there are many holiday camps.  More than 200 Guides from all Regions of Armenia participate in the Annual Jamboree.  It is an excellent opportunity for members and leaders to work and play together in outdoor activities, to connect with nature, to make new friends and participate in various events


The Association has a training committee, which is responsible for the training policy of the Association. A training team has been in place since 1998. The following training programmes are currently offered:  Presentation training, Training for Leaders, Training for Trainers, Training for Commissioners.

The training programme is organized by the Training Committee, which includes National trainers’ team and counsellor-consultants. There is a National Training Commissioner. Training is coordinated by National Board members, an Executive Committee, and trainers and by local leaders. NAGGGS “Astgik” actively promotes trainings based on the Girl Guide/Girl Scout method, as means of enabling adults to gain the necessary knowledge skills, attitude and values so that they can carry out their responsibilities effectively, thus strengthening the quality of Girl Guiding. The training supports the Association’s work on each level and is very important for the development of the Association as a whole.    

Communication and Co-operation

NAGGGS “Astgik” has policies in place for establishing an excellent image in  society. The Association enjoys good relations with National Government, the Ministry of Education, and relevant Parliament committees. The Department of Youth Affairs recognizes the Movement. On a regional level the Association co-operates with local organizations. NAGGGS “Astgik” is a member of  the National Youth Committee of Armenia. NAGGGS “Astgik” promotes itself and its activities by means of mass media on national and local levels and also works hard to maximize its relationships with the parents of girls and the community in general. The Association has a positive image, which helps attaining new members.